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SADIE (Female)

This darling girl is ready to be shown off to your friends! Sadie is a gorgeous female puppy that wants to light up your life.

DAKOTA (Female)

Dakota is a little spitfire she's a little thing with a lot of energy. She loves to play. This girl is very smart and sassy.

One of today’s most popular dog breeds and human companions was originally bred for aggression.
The bulldog-American and English-has gone on to become a popular companion and working animal, as well as a very widely used mascot, and one of the more famous corporate bulldogs is associated worldwide with Mack Trucks. In the US alone, the bulldog represents nearly four dozen universities and 250 secondary schools, and is the unofficial mascot for the US Marines. In the UK, the dog is associated with Churchill Insurance (although Winston Churchill’s dog, while often called a bulldog, was most likely a pug) and is the mascot for various football and rugby teams. Why such popularity? Perhaps because the breed shows such fierce loyalty and protectiveness toward its humans. As Johnson pointed out at the end of that interview, “They say that dog is man’s best friend but they are wrong. Man is dog’s best friend.” This is particularly true in the case of a breed that would no longer be around had not two men decided to do something to save it.


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